C.I.E. Multi Jch, Multi Ch., Grand Ch, VetCh.BiH, FBiH, VetCh.CZ, Lemon Juice Famous Gold

Holly in the age of 7 years


narozený/ date of birth: 21.7.2015

UKU 0250524

owners:  Liliyana Nadzorova/Ukraina - kennel Navilis

teeth complete, scissor bite/ plnochrupá, skus nůžkový, height/výška: 55cm

eyes: clear

HD: A (0/0)  ED: 0 (0/0) -  OCD : negativní 

PRA1 - PRA2 clear

ICT: clear

matka/mother: Heart and Soul Famous Gold 

otec/ father: Herwildy´s Michelangelo

tituly/titles in CZ with us

SK: res.CAC

CZ: 4x CAC, National winner, CACIB, res.CACIB, 2x BOS, CAC-vet., CACIB -V, 2x winner of veteran class, 2x the best veteran, 2x BIS vet.

BIH: 3x CAC -vet., CACIB-V, 2x the best veteran in breed

PL: CACIB - V, the best veteran

Titles awarded in CZ with us:

  • veteran champion BiH
  • Summer veteran winner´23 BiH
  • vetran champion federation BiH
  • veteran champion CZ
  • fulfilled conditions for title C.I.E. - veteran
  • shortlisted at Cruft´s to the last 10 veteran females
  • 3rd place at the WDS 2024 Záhřeb

pedigree ZDE