Sanguinisch Snow Storm

Tobby 12 months

Tobby 3 and 1/2 months

Tobby 7 weeks

import Holland/ dovoz Holandsko, CHS Sanguinisch Manita a Gert Busser

narozený/ date of birth:


HD  ?, ED  ?

PRA1 - PRA2 clear by parentage, ICT: nepostižen/not affected

teeth scissor bite

matka/mother: Sanguinisch Snow White

otec: Dainty´s Man with a Mission

majitel/owner: Radka Štencelová


CZ: CAJC, BOB junior



pedigree ZDE

Dainty´s Man with a Mission
Goldenglow Triumf
Inassicas Dandelion
Goldsan´s Tiger
Inassicas Water Lily
Goldenglow Jolly-cola
Begoras Mendelson
Honeytaste Lily of the Valley
Dainty´s Meets your Measure
Fentop Fabian
Perrymay Hugo of Fenwood
Styal Sabathya for Fentop
Daynty´s Jacobite Rose
Pearlbarn Pinball Wizard
Dainty´s Dancing Wave
Sanguinisch Snow White
Sanguinisch Braveheart
Commander in Chief von Flolain
Schardanell Talk O´the Town at Ipcress
Moment of Flolain
Sanguinisch  Schowgirl
Solstrimmans Blue Znowball
Sanguinisch Touch of Glory
Sanguinisch Galadriel
Dewmist Sky Channel
Dewmist Silkventure
Dewmist Shaquille
Sanguinisch Final Touch
Laburnum´s Double Oseven
Sanguinisch Touch of Glory